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The WNY Motocross Hall of Fame was established in 2010 to honor and recognize people who helped to advance the sport of motocross throughout our region.

At our annual banquet, we honor individuals that were both pioneers and significant contributors to the sport we all love. They have been an inspiration to others, and we look forward to sharing their accomplishments with our racing community and the next generation of motocross riders.

Past Hall​ of Fame Inductees:

2011: Roy Janson, Mike Robinson, Dave Robinson, Bill Scheemaker, Mike Lauterborn 
2012: Fred Ford, Brian Austin, Paul Austin, Scott Swinehart 
2013: Kay Hoag and Family, Dan Hoag, Dave Hoag 
2014: Norm Robinson, Harold Ward, Bruce Stratton, Bill Denman & Family 
2015: Dave Phillips Sr., Tom & Pete McGill, Malcolm Lane, Calvin Lane, Bart & Fred Lucas 
2016: Dan Hafner, Chris Moser 
2017: Dave Jackson, Ben Damon 
2018: Daryl Quigley, Don George Sr
2019: Pete Phillips, Dave Phillips, Neil Silvarole 
2020: Joe Ellington, Gary Walker

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