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Don George Sr. (Inducted in 2018)

How long have you been riding (or have ridden), and how old are you now?  
I have been riding since age 15.  I'm 77 now.   

How did you get started riding / racing?  
I rode my father’s motorcycles.  I raced MX as an amateur but raced enduros as an expert.  

How long have you been (or were) an expert?  
20+ years.   

All-time favorite bike?  
Yamaha DT 360.   

What was your first motorcycle?  
Honda 50.   

What is your favorite music?  

What is your favorite food?  
Chicken wings. 
How do you (or did you) train for motocross?  
I self-trained and just rode a lot.     

What motivates you? 
My family.    

Motorsports business-owner, and now retired.    

Other interests?  

Greatest accomplishment?  
Don George's Sports Center.    

Biggest letdown?  
Having to retire.    

Any regrets?  

Who are your heroes?  
Fred Ford.    

What's the best part about racing motocross?  
Family and friends… and winning!!!!    

What would you change about our sport/district?  
More involvement from other dealers and manufacturers.     

Who are (were) your sponsors?  
Myself, Don George's Sports Center, Yamaha, and Competition Accessories for a short time.      

Who would you like to thank? 
Sponsors and my family.    

Words of wisdom?  
Work hard, try even harder, never give up.

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