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Daryl Quigley (Inducted in 2018)

How long have you been riding (or have ridden), and how old are you now?  
I started riding in 1971.  I am 54. 

How did you get started riding / racing?  
My dad bought a new Yamaha road bike for the family in Newark.  And at that time he bought me a little Yamaha JT1 60. My friend Ethan Carter and I started racing in 1980. 

How long have you been or were an expert?  
In 1983 I turned expert in the open class. 

All-time favorite bike?  
1987 Honda CR500. 

What was your first motorcycle? 
1971 Yamaha JT1 60.

What is your favorite music? 
Rock and country.

What is your favorite food? 

How do you (or did you) train for motocross? 
We rode every chance we could.

What motivates you? 
Motorcycle races. 

Heavy Equipment Operator for the town. 

Other interests? 
3 wheelers, hunting, fishing, camping, and riding dirtbikes with my daughter Taylor. 

Greatest accomplishment? 
Greatest accomplishments are that I belong to 3 motorcycle clubs; Arcadia Bark Busters, Wayne County Motorcycle club and a Lifetime Member and Distant Rider of the Palmyra Racing Association.

Any regrets?  
My only regret is that I didn’t start racing at a younger age. 

Who are your heroes? 
Danny “Magoo” Chandler, and Bart and Ted Lucas. 

What's the best part about racing motocross?  
The people and friends I have made and met over the years. 

What would you change about our sport/district? 
Leave the track rough and more natural. 

Who are (were) your sponsors? 
Mom and Dad, Denny Trask, Team Toys Racing, and the Palmyra Racing Association. 

Who would you like to thank? 
I would like to thank the Distant Riders and the Palmyra Racing Association.  

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