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Pete Phillips (Inducted in 2019)

How long have you been riding (or have ridden), and how old are you now? 
I started riding in 1979 when I was 9 years old.   

How did you get started riding / racing?  
My brother Dave had friends at school that told him about a race in 1978 at the Victor track on Boughton Hill Rd.  My father took us to watch and we were all hooked.   

How long have you been or were an expert?  I turned expert in 1985 when I was 15.   

All-time favorite bike? 
1986 Honda CR125.  My first motorcycle was a 1978 Yamaha YZ80.    

What is your favorite music? 
80’s rock and country music.   

What is your favorite food? 

How do you (or did you) train for motocross? 
I never trained much and certainly not now.  I spent a few months training 3 days per week in 1985 when I was 15 getting ready for Ponca City and Loretta Lynn’s.  Today I walk 18 holes in golf for training.   

What motivates you? 
I always motivated by a challenge.   

Engineer who currently runs a manufacturing company D.P. Tool with my brother.   

Other interests?  
Golf, snowmobiling, skiing and boarding.   

Greatest accomplishment? 
Hands down, raising two great kids!  In motocross, I have to say the 1989 Gatorback 125cc national season opener.  I had almost last gate pick for the heat race from the draw at tech inspection and got a 2nd place start behind Damon Bradshaw.  I held 2nd until the end last lap when I was passed by Tyson Vohland and Mike Kiedrowski to finish 4th.   

Any regrets?  
No regrets!   

Who are your heroes? 
My father “DP”.  He taught some of the best lessons in life.  My motocross hero was Bob Hannah.   

What's the best part about racing motocross? 
Hanging out with friends and family and the adrenaline rush when you get the holeshot.   

What would you change about our sport/district? 
I wish our class sizes were bigger.  I like having more than 20 riders on the line all racing to do their best, win or lose.   

Who are (were) your sponsors? 
My sponsor has always been D.P. Tool, only now I sign the checks.   

Who would you like to thank? 
My father for giving me the opportunity to do so many things.

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