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Norm Robinson (Inducted in 2014)

Norm started racing in 1959, at the age of 13.  His first race was in Akron, NY at an Indian reservation.  He raced an NSU, a German road bike, fitted with knobby tires.  He raced against grown men and got 1st place!    

In 1960 he bought his first new bike, a 1960 Greeves, and won the High Point 200cc class championship year end award.  The bike cost $500, and it took him 3 years to pay it off.  Harold Ward, another 2013 inductee, was in charge of WNY racing and awarded all of the racers.    

In 1967, Norm entered his first pro MX at Dillman’s Farm, and won the open expert division.   Norm decided he preferred smooth tracks over MX.  He went on to be a nationally ranked top 100 flat track racer for several years and a speedway motorcycle champ as well.  Norm has promoted races and coached many up and coming riders over the years.  He still loves to ride and restore motorcycles.  

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