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Chris Moser (Inducted in 2016)

Chris Moser “Gramps” grew up in Cheektowaga NY with his parents, brother and his sister. Chris graduated from Maryvale High School in Cheektowaga NY and went on to college where he received a degree in engineering.   

Chris got into racing in his 20’s and followed the local district at the time known as WNYSC (Western New York Sports Committee) in the early 90’s. Chris went to all of the tracks and supported the local racing community for years as a beginner/novice level rider. Chris had his own piece of land in Chaffee NY with plans to build a house and practice track, needless to say the track took priority over the house and Chris had a small group of friends come out and ride while he spent most of his time getting the track and grounds ready.  At that point Chris realized that he had a passion for promoting and teamed up with Tom Ghidiu (father of Scott and Brad) to promote races at Batavia Motocross Park (next to Area 51). Chris worked with Tom for several years in the mid 90’s learning about the business and volunteering with the WNYSC/WNYMA along with remaining a rider and enthusiast of the sport. It was the late 90’s when Tom wanted to retire from promoting races and offered sole race promoting of Batavia MX Park to Chris.   

As a promoter Chris begins to leave his mark in WNY motocross history at this point. Chris has always had a good business sense and isn’t afraid to take risk but his best quality is surrounding himself with good people. Chris did just that and took what might have been the worst track in the district to “track of the year” 4 years in a row and breaking local racing attendance records of over 600 riders! Chris also was the first in the area to offer weekday public practice on a groomed and watered track during this time. Eventually the land owner that leased Chris the land for Batavia MX Park wanted to sell which forced Chris and his successful track to relocate in 2004.   

To this Area 51 is born. Chris needed to sell his property where he had plans to build his house and had asked Corey Kandefer to join him in this venture  to make Area 51 a top track in WNY. They went on to win “track of the year” 3 more times . In 2008 the district split and WNYRacing was born, Chris wanted to abolish the “track of the year” award, believing that the group of race tracks should be united and not in competition. His vision was also to build unity as a group of promoters and rider advisors and to work together for better tracks, sponsors, and awards focusing on ALL of the riders, not just the top guys.   

Chris has devoted his life, resources, and passion to making sure WNYer’s have the best motocross experience every time they come to Area 51 Motocross. He doesn’t stop there as he is very active in WNYR as a senior partner, He always supports the other tracks by offering his time and equipment, and also participates often as a rider, paying his gate and entry fees to support our fellow promoters.   

You can see his footprint all over WNY as an innovator in local motocross; the first track to offer weekly organized practices, the first track to have a separate 50cc track, the first to have a separate beginner track open practice, and the first to run weekly practice under the lights.  He also offers demos and schools to get new people into the sport, and he has employed several kids and families who share a passion for the sport. He has allowed some to use Area 51 as a platform to teach, shoot videos, and pictures to further their careers, as well as promoting events like the Can /Am AIR, Loretta Lynn qualifiers, and Area 51 XL. What is admirable is that Chris has a philosophy of handing out big trophies to racers and often pays back further than required. He makes these trophies by hand so he can afford to keep race fees low. For years he has made all the awards for the banquet along with volunteer help so the riders can be proud of their accomplishments.   

Many people make a mark for themselves over time; few people leave marks that positively affect others. Chris Moser has changed the lives of many people as they have grown up with lasting positive images of spending time with their family and friends doing what they enjoy.  

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