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FAQ and Information

First of all, here is a link for the Western New York Hare Scramble Series Race Rules.

Do I need a district card to race? No district membership is needed to sign up.
Is there a rider’s meeting? Yes, there is a riders’ meeting at the start line before each race.    

I registered online.  What else do I have to do?  At the sign-up, you need to  go to the pre-registered line and check in.  Here is where you will get number stickers for your bike and helmet.
Is there a parade lap or practice before the event? No.  Head down to the start line when it is announced, listen up at the rider’s meeting right before the race, and then race!    

How is the start done? Line up in the correct row, engine off.  Then starter will have a flag, and go down the row, pointing it at every rider to make sure they are ready.  When he reaches the end, he will then lower the flag, and then when he raises it in the air, start your engine and go!     

Is there food available at each event? Yes, concessions will be open at each event.

My son/daughter is a minor.  Are there additional forms I need to fill out?  Yes, some necessary forms are needed for the participation of a minor. These forms are also available at the track, but it will help if you have them already filled out. Minor release forms need to be notarized if a parent  can't attend.  Here are the forms:

Guardian Release Form
Minor Release Form 
Can I ride with my son? Maybe.  If you both ride in the appropriate classes, then yes.  If your son is under 18 and a beginner, and you are over 18 and an A rider, you can’t sign up in over 18 beginner so that you can ride at the same time as your son – this has happened in the past, believe it or not.    

What class should I sign up for? If you are in the beginner class in motocross, then sign up for beginner.  If you race the novice class in motocross, then sign up for novice.  If you race the amateur class in motocross, then sign up for amateur.  If you race the expert class in motocross, then sign up for expert.  See a pattern here?  If you are an older rider, sign up for your appropriate class +30C, +30B, +40C, +40B, or +50 A-B.  Hare scramble/enduro riders should sign up for their appropriate class.  Don’t be a sandbagger!     

Can I protest if the scoring is wrong, or I note someone signed up in the wrong class? Yes.  A form will be available that you can fill out and hand in, and it will be evaluated and acted upon as deemed necessary.
Can I use the NYOA transponder already on my helmet? Yes.  

WNYHA Class Structure
Class Structure & Times

8:00 AM Start: Mini Classes – 1 hour 
Sign up: 7AM-7:30AM 
80-150cc (row 1) 

Pit bike experienced rider (row 2)

Pit bike beginner (row 3)
60-65cc (row 4)     

9:30 AM Start: Big Bike Classes, Beginner and Novice – 2 hours 
Sign up: 7AM-8:45AM 
Novice C (row 1)
Schoolboy 12-16 85-200cc no Experts (row 2) 
Vet C-D +30 (row 3) 
Senior C-D +40 (row 4)

Plus 50 C-D (row 5) 
Beginner, 18 and under (row 6) 
Beginner over 18 (row 7)

Women 13+ 100cc+ (row 8)

Saturday: Gates open 5:00PM-9:00PM 
Sunday : Gates open at 7:00AM
Gate fee: $15/person, children 7 and under free  

12:00 PM Start: Big Bike Classes, Amateur and Expert – 2 hours 
Sign up: 7AM-11:15AM 
Expert A/AA (row 1) 
Amateur (row 2)
Collegeboy 16-24 (row 3) 
Vet B +30 (row 4) 
Senior B +40 (row 5) 
Plus 50 Master A-B (row 6) 
Teams (row 7)  

2:30 PM Start: Quad Classes – 1.5 hours 
Sign up: 7AM–1:45PM 
Quad Expert (row 1) 
Quad Amateur (row 2) 
Quad Novice (row 3) 
Quad Beginner (row 4) 
Quad Utility (row 5)
Note: Quad riders must be at least 13 years old.

Signup fees: 
Minis $30
Big bikes $35
Quads $35

Pavilion MX
1200 Taylor Road 
Pavilion, NY 14525
Sick Bros MX
3224 Henry Drum Road
Cohocton, NY  14826  
Palmyra MX
(Hogback Hill)
4343 Hogback Hill Road
Palmyra NY 14522
Area 51
3323 Harloff Rd. 
Batavia, NY 14020
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